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Communicating Crisis: The Study of Crisis Communication


Communication during crises is critical. The present course explores crisis communication in all its facets. It discusses the theoretical foundations of communication during crises, the communication goals during crises, and effective strategies and tactics to realize these goals. It discusses current communication policy and practice between government and first responders, and between government and citizens. During eight meetings, crisis communication will be discussed against the backdrop of the scientific theory and research on communication and crisis management, but also in the light of various crises in the past. What is to be learned from these crises? Are we ready for the next crises?

Methods of instruction
Study material

17/5 from 13-16 hrs in room: SB11

14/6 from 13-16 hrs in room: 1A47

Time table
Tuesday 29/3 t/m 10/5
Time:13-16 hrs
Room: 29/3, 5/4 and 19/4: OA28, 12/4,26/4 and 10/5: 5A42, 3/5: 5A41

Latest update: 03/5/2011