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Botanie 1+2


Compulsory attendance


Admission requirements

Ecology 2

Course description

The student sets up his own botanical research with the correct methodology. After the generation and analysis of data from pollen or macrofossils, the results and conclusions are put into archaeological context. Finally a manuscript will be prepared, which is ready for submission to an internationally refereed journal

Course objectives

Plant macrofossils:

  • Know how to select which part of a sample can be used for analyses in the laboratory;

  • Extract fossil plant material from sediment

  • Identify the fossils using reference materials;

  • Visually present data in a diagram

  • Interpret the data and make reconstructions of past vegetation and environment


  • To be able to use reference material to identify spores and pollen of a Quaternary site;

  • To be able to make a pollen-diagram;

  • To be able to interpret palynological data.

In general:

  • To be able to put your own results into context

  • To generate a manuscript that meets the scientific standards

Mode of instruction

  • Practical

Assessment method

  • Assessment of the practical work + paper


  • 24 January 2011

Reading list

  • Relevant papers (differs per subject)


Course schedule details can be found in the Bachelor 3 time schedule.


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Contact information

For more information about this course, please contact dr M.H Field.