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Laboratory studies


Compulsory attendance


Admission requirements

Admission to the MA-programme Material Culture and Artefact Studies.


In a series of practical assignments, supplemented with short formal lectures, the students will familiarise themselves with different categories of material culture, studying them from a technological and functional point of view (block II). Subsequently, there are two possibilities.

For those students for whom Material Culture Studies is the second specialisation, small-scale practical research of an artefact category has to be carried out in either the Ceramic Laboratory or the Laboratory for Artefact Studies (block III). They will complete the course by writing a short report on the practical research they carried out.

Alternatively, if a student wants to write his/her thesis on a specific laboratory oriented specialisation like use-wear analysis, an experimental research project, or ceramic technology, they will get individual tutorials in their chosen field of specialisation. Note that in that case the 5 ects for Supporting Discipline have to be devoted to the chosen specialisation.

Course objectives

  • Familiarisation with the properties and functionality of different raw materials, especially stone, flint, bone and ceramics;

  • Learn to describe assemblages from a typomorphological and functional point of view;

  • General understanding of the technological processes involved;

  • If the student wants to follow a laboratory specialisation in the context of their thesis, the goal is to provide the student with the necessary basic expert knowledge to carry out a research project under supervision.


Course schedule details can be found in the MA time schedule.

Mode of instruction

Practical studies.

Assessment method

Written assignment (due by January 31, 2012).

Reading list

To be announced.


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Contact information

For more information about this course, please contact mw prof. dr A.L. van Gijn.