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RMA thesis Archaeology first year


Admission requirements

Admission to the RMA-programme.


The thesis is written throughout both years of study. It is crucial to define the thesis topic and start the research in the first month of study. The opportunity for field research is limited to the semester breaks (December-February and June-August). Especially during the second year, time should be reserved for further research and writing. Students are obliged to report regularly (at least once a month) about their progress to the supervisors and to attend the relevant thesis tutorials until the work is finished completely. The final draft should be presented 6 weeks before the expected date of the formal thesis defence.
The thesis (to be completed in the second year) is a professional report on the student’s contribution to an overall research project. Generally the report is a written thesis, but other forms are possible as well, if proper preparatory courses have been followed, e.g. a documentary film, a computer programme or CD-rom, etc.

Course objectives

Demonstration of professional capacity in advanced research on a topic of Native American archaeology and culture history, being an original contribution to the field and an adequate foundation for possible future PhD research.

Mode of instruction

Research and writing. The whole process, from selecting the topic and research questions, the study of data sets and fieldwork, till the final draft are discussed with the supervisors during the thesis tutorials, which all students have to attend until they have completed their thesis. The supervisors provide further orientation, guidance, and feedback in individual or collective consultations.

Assessment method

RMA thesis (for rules and criteria see the faculty webpage). Definitive discussion and evaluation take place during the formal thesis defence.