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Berber Linguistics I + II


Admission requirements

Students in the Berber track of African Linguistics and in the Research master Area Studies: Asia and the Middle East: Middle Eastern Studies are requested to supplement the course with a 5 ects assignment (Berber Linguistics II = code 5734V2105H).


Berber languages are spoken in a large, discontinuous area all over Northern and Saharan Africa. They are regarded as a branch in theire own of the Afroasiatic language phylum. In this course an analytical overview is provided over the different structures encountered in Berber languages, and over the different linguistic analyses for these structures which have been proposed.

Course objectives

  • Insight in the linguistic features of languages of the Berber language family.

  • Insight in the linguistic variation inside this language family.

  • Insight in the main analytical problems of Berber linguistics.



Mode of instruction


Assessment method

Written examination at the end of the semester


Blackboard will not be used in this course.

Reading list

M.G. Kossmann (fc.). Berber. To appear in: Zygmunt Frajzyngier & Erin Shay, eds. The Afroasiatic Languages. Cambridge University Press, 80 p.


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Contact information

Dr. M.G. Kossmann