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Colloquium Dutch Politics



In Spring 2011 Dutch political scientists published a volume on the functioning of Dutch democracy. The volume was part of the so-called Democratic Audit, an assessment of Dutch politics from a democratic perspective. This volume will be studied (almost) in full length in this Colloquium, next to the book by Lijphart (originally published in 1968). The latter can also be seen as a sort of assessment of the Dutch political system during the heydays of pillarization, which were coming to a close at the very moment of the publication of the book. Lijpharts book has become a classic in the study of Dutch politics. By studying these texts, students obtain a general idea of the changes in the Dutch polity during the last 50 years as well as an insight in the various ways to conduct research on (the changes in) Dutch politics.

Methods of Instruction

Short introductions on the assigned literature and intensive discussion of that literature, prepared for by the participants.
Good passive knowledge of Dutch is required for this course. Students will be expected to do a great deal of reading and to actively participate in discussing and presenting the literature. If all students are Dutch speaking, meetings will be hold in Dutch.


Arend Lijphart, Verzuiling, pacificatie en kentering in de Nederlandse politiek. Amsterdam, Atheneum Boekhandel Canon, 2008 (eerder druk mag ook, maar niet eerder dan 3e druk 1979)

Rudy Andeweg & Jacques Thomassen (red.), Democratie doorgelicht. Het functioneren van de Nederlandse democratie, Leiden, Leiden University Press, 2011. Nota Bene: Kijk op Blackboard voor een mogelijke korting op dit boek!


Class attendance and participation is mandatory. Students are expected to write an argumentative report on the literature (3500 words).


Monday 31 October till 19 December, 13.00.-15.00 hrs., in 1A03