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MCB Research Project

Vak 2011-2012

Admission requirements

Succesfully finished the courses Fundamentals of MCB and Orientation on MCB research, and established a concept MCB MSc program signed by the MCB coordinator.


In the first month the student will get acquainted with the research topic by reading scientific literature directly related to the research project, and by performing the first experiments under guidance of the direct supervisor. At the end of this first month the student will present the research plan in a general work discussion of the department (initial oral presentation: 1 EC). The next months of the research project the student will perform experiments according to the plan, and keep up to date on the developments in the field by reading literature and participating in regular work discussions.

Learning goals

Course objectives:
To obtain a more detailed insight into the selected research field, and to obtain training in experimental MCB research, with the final aim to become an independent researcher.

Final qualifications:
An advanced MSc student that is able to independently plan and perform experiments, analyse results, and keep track of scientific developments in the field.


Research projects can be started at any time, however, keep in mind to contact MCB staff or an external supervisor in time to find a project of interest. The minimum time to be spent on research projects is 60 EC. In case of two research projects, each project should be minimally 36 EC.

Mode of instruction

Theoretical and practical instructions will be provided by the direct supervisor and by MCB staff.

Assessment method

The research project will be finalized by writing a Master thesis (3-4 weeks: 5 EC, or 2× 2 weeks: 3 EC) that describes and discusses the results obtained. The results will also be presented in a final oral presentation during the general work discussion in the department (1.5 week: 2 EC).


Research Project form

Reading list

Scientific literature provided by the supervisor


Contact MCB staff in time for MSc research projects. Before the start a Research Project Form (Blackboard) must filled out together with the supervisor, and signed for approval by the MCB coordinator.

via USIS

Exchange and Study Abroad students, please see the Prospective students website for more information on how to apply.

Contact information

MCB MSc coordinator Dr. R. Offringa, email: