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Diversity and Representation 1



This seminar deals with issues related to diversity and representation. It starts by reviewing some of the contemporary theories of representation and the challenges posed to political representation by the co-existence of diverse ethnic and religious groups in a single political system. It then proceeds to discuss the theory and practice of institutional solutions to the issue of the political representation of minorities. Specific topics include electoral system design, governmental set-up, parties and party systems, multi-level governance and constitutional courts as institutional arenas for minority political representation and resolving their political conflicts.

Part I is devoted to these general theoretical issues, and some specific substantive topics while Part II will deal with the challenges involved the research on diversity and representation. The methodological part will focus on the different ways and methods to approach the study of representation of ethnic minorities including the use of different type data. Part II will involve the writing of a journal-quality research paper.

Methods of instruction

Seminar discussions

Study material

1200 pp; titles TBA


Weekly Reaction Papers (Part I)
Research Paper (Part II)


Tuesday 6 September, 13.00-15.00 hrs. in SA37 and
Tuesday 13 September till 20 December, 11.00 -13.00 hrs. in SA15 2A36 (except 4 October, changed into 6 October in SB19)