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Software Engineering (I&E)



Software systems are typically built over a longer period of time (couple of years) with a constantly changing mix of people (both number of people and skill set) as well as with constantly changing requirements. This results in quite some challenges with respect to management, maintenance, and stability of the software system. In the course “Software Engineering”, we will look at methods and techniques needed to for designing and building these software systems. We therefore assume that you have already some practical knowledge in programming. As part of this course we will discuss: – development processes (incremental, iterative) – system modeling using UML – system architecting and design – quality of sofware – managing software projects (estimation, risk) – empirical research methods in software engineering


lecture, practicum


written examination and practicum


Sheets presented during class


Software Engineering


All communication and materials are provided via blackboard. Each person interested in Software Engineering is required to register on blackboard for this course.