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Research Internship Applied Neuroscience in Education and Child Studies


NB Language spoken in course is Dutch unless English-speaking students participate

Admission requirements



The student participates in an ongoing research project or carries out a replication study. The work is performed under the supervision of the researcher(s) involved. A substantial part of the research project should involve neurobiological measures (e.g. EEG/ERP, fMRI, heart rate, neuroendocrine measures). Research internship and choice of project take place in consultation with the co-ordinator. Agreements are set out in a contract.

External research internships need to be approved by the co-ordinator. The student can submit a proposal for an external research internship to the co-ordinator.

The internship can begin at any point during the whole academic year, but this will obviously be dependent on the availability of places in a research project and the availability of staff capacity. The internship should precede the students master’s project and in many cases the internship is offered in combination with the master’s project.

Students who wish to start their internship can contact the coordinator by email:

When a place opens up for participation in a research project and there are no applications from students on file, the place will be announced to the students via U-mail.

Course objectives

Achievement levels: 8,11,12,13,14,15,17,18.


To be announced.

Mode of instruction

Students participate in ongoing research and will be supervised like all junior staff on the project is being supervised. This may mean that all or most supervision is a hands on, on the spot activity depending the challenges that are met on the route and depending the interaction possibilities between senior and junior staff. In addition each student will have a project member as a mentor (mostly a PhD student or Post Doc). Student and mentor meet at least once in two weeks to discuss challenges, problems, assignments as well as concerns. The mentor provides feedback on the quality of the work delivered by the student.

Assessment method

The research internship concludes with a brief report on the work performed and the literature studied. Concise guidelines for the report are included in the contract.


During this course Blackboard is used.

Reading list

Depending on the subject.

Contact information

Co-ordinator: Lenneke Alink, room 4B31.
In case of questions please make an appointment by mail.