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MCB Seminar

Vak 2011-2012

Admission requirements

Succesfully finished the courses Fundamentals of MCB and Orientation on MCB research, and established a concept MCB MSc program signed by the MCB coordinator. For a non-MCB seminar, please check the admission requirements with the corresponding docent, and ask permission from the MCB coordinator.


The key characteristic of a seminar is that participants familiarize themselves with the state of the art of a specific MCB-related scientific topic, by critically reading scientific literature, and by preparing a lecture on this topic, which they then present to their fellow course participants. One aspect is also to critically assess the topics presented by the other course participants.

Within the MCB specialization we offer three courses that qualify as a seminar:

  1. The Immune System of Plants
  2. Top Lectures on Signaling in Development and Growth
  3. Mechanisms of Disease

Please look under Electives for further information

Learning goals

Practice reading primary scientific literature, discussing scientific articles, and orally presenting a specific MCB-related scientific topic. In some seminar courses participants are also expected to write a critical review about a specific topic.

Course objectives:
To obtain an overview on the state of the art of a specific MCB topic, and to practice making a critical summary of scientific literature in a lecture and/or review.

Final qualifications:
A more advanced MSc student with a detailed theoretical background on an MCB-related topic. The student is able to comprehend and summarize the state-of-the-art of a specific MCB-related scientific topic in a lecture and/or review.