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EBC Top Lectures


Admission requirements

The course is open to all EBC students as an optional choice.


The Top Lectures are one of the optional choices for the EBC specialisation (the others being a book exam, Spotlight, or seminars). There will be 6 Top Lectures in total and the student should attend all 6. Four of the lectures will be organized by one each of the research groups in the IBL who participate in the EBC specialisation (Prof. MK Richardson, Prof. CJ ten Cate, Prof. P. Klinkhamer and Prof. P Brakefield). The two remaining will be organized by CML, the Herbarium or Naturalis.

Learning goals

To provide the student with insight into specialist research, including the way in which complex research questions are formulated and analysed experimentally.


There will be one lecture per month at times to be announced.

Mode of instruction

Each lecture will be given by an expert researcher in a field relevant to the EBC specialization. They will be National or International scientists. The scientist will give an introductory lecture in the morning on a specialist subject. He or she will then give the students various assignments to carry out before the group meets again after lunch to discuss the findings.

Assessment method

4 ECTS are awarded for the attendance at all 6 Top Lectures.



Reading list

The students will be provided in advance with material, including manuscripts and assignments, which they should prepare before the Top Lecture.


Please make sure that your study plan is approved by your specialisation coordinator.

Registration via USIS

Exchange and Study Abroad students, please see the Prospective students website for more information on how to apply.

Contact information

Prof. dr. M.K. Richardson: email –
Telephone 071 527 5215