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MA thesis tutorial 2B


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This course provides thematic and disciplinary angels for the study of Japan, with parameters defined by the topic and approach of the student’s planned MA thesis. The course is taught in tutorial fashion, primarily through online contact between the student in Japan and the instructor in Leiden, on a one-on-one basis. The purpose of the course is to ensure proper supervision of the student around their thesis project while they are in Japan. Thus, a significant portion of the work in this course should involve research towards the thesis project, particularly involving Japanese sources.

Students are expected to be in contact with their Leiden supervisor on a regular basis throughout the year in Japan. Students should build on the MA proposal created in Thesis Tutorial 1 and then carry out the necessary research under the direction of the supervisor.

Course objectives


Mode of instruction

Assessment method

Assessment of the Thesis Tutorial 2 shall be made up of 4 tasks to be carried out in combination with the production of regular Thesis Progress Reports (TPRs). The procedure of submitting the reports is explained in detail in the form available for download from the website ( The reports are due to the supervisor on September15, December 15, February 15 and May 15.

The TPRs provide the basic markers through which the outcomes of the regular communication between the student and supervisor are written up and an agreement reached for subsequent research action. On four dates spread across the time of the student’s year in Japan they will be asked to do the following
4 tasks.

Submit TPR form, + Revised Thesis Proposal (1000 words plus bibliography) Submit TPR form, + a further 500 Word report on their education and research activities Submit TPR form, + a further 500 Word report on their education and research activities Submit TPR form, + a draft of one chapter of their thesis (around 2000 words)

Each of these elements will be weighted at 25%.


Reading list


Exchange and Study Abroad students, please see the Study in Leiden website for information on how to apply.

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