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Graduate Seminar


Admission requirements

BA-degree and lecture series Media Theory/Media Practice


The seminar will expand upon the theoretical and historical issues presented during the lecture series in the first semester. The course will assist students in developing methods of research and formulating research questions in preparation of writing the final thesis. During the first weeks a topical issue in the field of film and photographic studies will be explored in relation to a set of key texts and practices. One possible topic of debate is, for instance, the relation of the moving to the still image as visualized by the filmmaker Chris Marker and the artist Robert Smithson, and conceptualized by such diverse authors as Gilles Deleuze, Christian Metz, Roland Barthes and Raymond Bellour. Other possible topics include recent debates about the status and function of documentary practice within the field of film and photography or the migration of cinematic practice into the museum space. During the second part of the seminar students develop their own research question, drawing upon the issues and problems raised during the first half of the seminar.

Course objectives

Course objectives will be made available on Blackboard at the start of the course.


12 seminar meetings (four hours per week) in second semester February-March

Mode of instruction


Assessment method

Paper and presentations


Course information (e.g. schedule of series and objectives), course documents (e.g. additional documents for meetings and assignments), digital dropbox (for sending in research proposals)

Reading list

Literature will be announced in Blackboard


Via Usis

Exchange and Study Abroad students, please see the Study in Leiden website for information on how to apply.

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