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S.o.t.A. in Political Science: Comparative Politics



This seminar will look at the development of comparative politics as a subdiscipline of political science, and will focus mainly on some of the key problems and alternatives that are confronted when applying the comparative method, including concept formation, most similar and most different research designs, the case study, and small versus large N research. The seminar will also include an assessment of the challenges facing the study of comparative politics as a result of globalization and Europeanization. The purpose of the seminar is to give students introduction to the ways in which comparative research can be designed. Each student will be expected to read widely on each of the topics, to contribute actively to the discussions, and to make at least one formal presentation to the seminar.

Methods of Instruction

Seminars with active participation.




3.000 to 4.000-word paper at end of seminar.

Wednesday 31 October till 19 December, 11.00-13.00 hrs in SB19