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Infection and Immunity in Practice


Admission requirements

The course content of the modules Molecular Biology, Immunology and Pathogen-Host Interactions II is essential background knowledge for the student starting this course.


Period: October 29 – November 9, 2012

This course is focussed on experimental approaches to studies in the area of infection and immunity. Therefore, the course content of the courses Immunology and Pathogen-Host Interactions II is essential background knowledge for the students starting this course.

First, the student will learn how to use micro-organisms in a laboratory setting and become familiar with official regulations regarding the use of these micro-organisms and the use of safe microbiological techniques in practice. This part of the course will be the subject of a separate exam that is essential to be able to perform experiments with pathogenic micro-organisms and genetically modified micro-organisms. Next the students will perform and discuss experiments in the area of phagocytosis and complement activation, and prepare a written report. In the second week, the students will perform a miniproject of their own choice in one of the following four areas: autoimmunity, allergy, transplantation immunology or infectious diseases. In this week experiments will be performed, discussed and reported at the minisymposium organized on the last day of the module. These presentations will be prepared as part of the line Communication in Science.

Course objectives

The student will be able to:

  • use safe microbiological techniques (veilige microbiologische technieken; VMT)

  • discuss the regulations regarding the use of micro-organisms

  • perform basic immunological techniques

  • design, perform, discuss and present experiments in the area of infection and immunity.

Assessment method

To complete the module successfully, the student has to finish both the practical work, the written and oral reports and the examination with marks higher than 5.5. The overall assessment for the module Infection and Immunity in Practice will be calculated as follows:
25% Examination Use of safe microbiological techniques
25% Written report First week
25 % Participation in Practical Work second week
25 % Presentations in group and minisymposium

Reading list

  • See Immunology and Pathogen-Host Interactions II.

Information for exchange students

This module is part of an English taught semester of the bachelor’s programme in Biomedical Sciences at Leiden University Medical Center. Combining biomedical modules with modules from other programmes in Leiden is difficult or impossible due to different scheduling schemes. Exchange students with sufficient relevant background knowledge in biology/biomedicine are therefore encouraged and advised to choose the entire module package indicated below. This semester starts in week 36 and finishes at the end of week 3 of the following calendar year.

  • Immunology (BW), 8 EC

  • Pathogen-Host Interactions part 2, 3 EC

  • Infection and Immunity in Practice, 3 EC

  • Physiology, Basic Concepts, 8 EC

  • Physiology, Advanced Concepts, 3 EC

  • Communication in Science for Exchange students, 1 EC