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Historiography (Europaeum programme)


Admission requirements


This course discusses major historiographical trends, paradigms, methods, and debates through close readings of relevant texts.

This is an intensive literature seminar. Its success depends on the active participation of all students. Students are not only supposed to attend all classes and read all required materials, but also to contribute to weekly discussions of the assigned materials, both in class and on Blackboard. Further details will be announced in the first meeting of the course.

Course objectives

This course aims: (a) to enable students to reflect on major theoretical and methodological issues in historical studies, and (b) to prepare students to analyze and evaluate long-term developments in historical debates.


See course-schedule

Mode of instruction


Assessment method

  • Participation in class discussions (40%)

  • Weekly participation in the discussion forum on Blackboard (40%)

  • One written report on a reading (20%)


Students will post questions and comments related to the weekly readings on Blackboard.

Reading list

  • Students should buy the following book: Michael Bentley, Modern Historiography: An Introduction (London, 1999)

  • All the other reading materials (journal articles & book chapters) will be made available online.

Contact information

Ms.dr. F. Roşu