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A prince subjected: the Brabant revolt of the 1420s


Admission requirements

(Passive) knowledge of the Dutch language; preferably a basic knowledge of paleography.


In the year 1420, the Estates of Brabant revolted against duke John IV, who was the defenseless victim of a group of ruthless advisors. In 1421 John and his advisors tried to regain ground by invading the duchy. They were beaten by a popular uprising in the town or Brussels. The advisors were exiled and the States assumed power. Afterwards, the course of events was investigated, resulting in a voluminous report that shows the divergent visions on government, the role of the prince etc. It is the aim of this course to make an edition of the investigation report and to analyze the historiographical and other available sources with regard to the revolt.

Course objectives

Skills: Source-criticism; Archival research; edition-techniques.


See here.

Mode of instruction

Research seminar

Assessment method

Participation in course: 25%
Presentation: 25%
Paper: 50%


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Reading list

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Contact information

E-mail: Dr. R. Stein