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Connecting dreams: Africa and Europe


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There have always been connections between Europe and Africa, and there has always been migration. In this course we study these migrations. We look at the novelists who travelled through Africa in the nineteenth century, the explorers, the European immigrants and the missionaries, but also the current expats of the major multinationals (Shell, Unilever). We combine this with a study of Africans in Europe: the few who came before the twentieth century, and the larger numbers who came in recent decades. We study the ties of all these migrants with each other and with their countries of origin, and the organisations they created (enterprises, churches).

After an introduction into the literature students do research based on primary sources: newspaper articles, novels, interviews, visual material (photos, paintings), government publications and business archives.

Course objectives

Knowledge of current and older academic debates; ability to do independent research, ability to present findings


See here.

Mode of instruction

Research seminar

Assessment method

Two essays and a final presentation.


Reading list

To be announced.


via uSis.

Contact information

Email: Ms.Prof.dr. M.L.J.C. Schrover and Ms.Prof.dr. M.E. de Bruijn.