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Economics – Russia’s Troubled Transition to a Market Economy


Admission requirements

BA degree


The Russian transition from a planned economy tot a market economy has offered economic thinking many insights on the importance of historical, political and institutional circumstances for economic policies. At the same time economic thinking offered numerous insights in the understanding of developments in Russia since the demise of central planning. The core topic of this research seminar is the interdependencies of political, institutional and economic developments and policies.

Course objectives

To develop an understanding of key economic developments in Russia and the different interpretations thereof in economic thinking; research abilities by reviewing source material and by writing and presenting, for a peer group, a term paper.



Method of Instruction

See below

Assessment methode

  • Short discussion papers (9)

  • Term paper (app. 4000 words)

  • Class discussion


Class meetings are the forum of shared communications

Reading list



Via uSis

Contact information

With the Coordinator of Studies Master mw. drs. T. Bouma


On a (bi)weekly basis, we will discuss current issues in the economy of Russia. Study material will be compiled from recent publications in academic journals and will depend on the selected issues. Students will have to introduce the topic of the week and formulate discussion questions. During the term, under individual supervision, the student will prepare a paper on a single issue and will present that paper at an end of term mini-conference.