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Modern China: Sources of Chinese Foreign Policy



This course examines the domestic drivers of Chinese foreign policy. The question of who is involved in such decisions will be examined, and will consider influences beyond the CCP including the military, SOEs, and netizens, as well as abstract pressures such as nationalism, grand strategy, ideology, and economic integration. The course is multi-disciplinary and pragmatic in focus and will be primarily discussion based. Students will be using a wide range of academic resources from different areas of study, and will be required to stay current about contemporary issues and their impact on the topic at hand.

Course objectives

Students will better understand the complexity and diversity of the policy making situation in China.
Students will gain awareness about the process by which foreign policy is made in China.
Students will show familiarity with a wide range of actors and ideas that impact Chinese foregn policy.
These goals will allow students to demonstrate an ability to conceptualize and evaluate Chinese foreign policy making.
In addition, students will display professional, persuasive, and lucid writing, presentation, and discussion skills.


Wed. 13:00 – 15:00 12/9/12 – 12/12/12

NB. No class on Oct 3rd because of the celebration of the city of Leiden!

Mode of instruction

  • Seminar

Assessment method

30% class participation
10% weekly expert leadership
10% current event presentation and discussion
50% final essay



Reading list

Extensive. See blackboard.


Through uSis


For more information: Dr. R.A. Glenn