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Writing Seminar: telling your story (February intake)


Course Description

This course aims to reflect on the theories and epistemologies discussed in the first part of the master programme, but in relation to the fieldwork experience as well as the fieldwork data collected in the second part of the programme. Attention will also be paid to issues related to level of analysis and units of analysis.

Methods of Instruction

  • 7 workshops of 2-3 hours = 20 sbu

  • 7 assignments (2 pp. each) = 120 sbu
    Total: 140 sbu (5 ECTS)


The seminar is graded “pass” (voldoende) if all 7 assignments are rated as “pass” and if student has been present and has actively participated in workshops and final seminar.


Wednesdays 13-15/16 h
Location: Room 3B08, Pieter de la Court Building


Dr. Marianne Maeckelbergh, room 3A45, tel. 071-527 3433, e-mail: