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Abnormal Hieratic

Vak 2012-2013

Admission requirements

Knowledge of Late Egyptian and hieratic.


Reading of published Abnormal Hieratic legal documents.

Course objectives

First introduction to the Abnormal Hieratic script. Insight into the fundamental difference between Abnormal Hieratic and Demotic sources. Full insight into the requirements for publishing Abnormal Hieratic sources. Providing students with the necessary tools to take on unpublished texts by themselves.


Friday 9.00-11.00 at Papyrological Institute, University Library

Mode of instruction

Class instruction. Students prepare for class in advance.

Assessment method

Attendance, preparation and participation in the discussion of the Abnormal Hieratic sources treated in class (50%). Final oral exam (50%).


S.P. Vleeming, ‘La phase initiale du démotique ancien’, in CdE 56 (1981), pp. 31-48
K. Donker van Heel, Abnormal hieratic and early demotic texts collected by the Theban choachytes in the reign of Amasis. Papyri from the Louvre Eisenlohr lot (1995), pp. 48-62.