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Indo-European Phonology and Morphology II: Morphology


Admission requirements

A pass mark for Indo-European Phonology and Morphology I: Phonology (5194KCI02Y)


How did the system of Indo-European ablaut come into being? How did the aorist and the present become differentiated?
In this course, the student is introduced to the reconstruction of Indo-European morphology: nominal ablaut / accent paradigms, the reconstruction of endings, the pronominal stems, and the verbal system.

Course objectives

Knowledge of and insight into the origins of nominal paradigms in the oldest Indo-European languages.
Knowledge of the reconstruction of verbal and nominal endings.
Insight into the origins of the verbal tense / aspect systems attested in the daughter languages.
Insight into the peculiarities of the reconstruction of pronouns and numerals, as opposed to nominal and verbal forms.


Mode of instruction

2-hour weekly seminar

Assessment method

Written exam



Reading list

R. Beekes, Comparative Indo-European linguistics: an introduction. Second edition, revised and corrected by M. de Vaan. Benjamins, 2011. (NB: the first edition of this book cannot be used during this course.)


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