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Historical Grammar of the Anatolian Languages


Admission requirements

Students must have passed the course ‘Hittite’ (5194KCI04Y)


The Anatolian language branch (to which Hittite, Palaic, Cuneiform Luwian, Hieroglyphic Luwian, Lycian, Lydian and Carian belong) occupies an important place within the study of Indo-European, because it has retained many archaic features.
In this course, the historical grammar of Hittite and its affiliation to the other Anatolian languages (especially CLuwian, HLuwian and Lycian) will be treated. The course will also discuss the importance of Anatolian for the reconstruction of Proto-Indo-European.

Course objectives

At the end of this course the student will have knowledge of the most important aspects of the linguistic prehistory of Hittite and the other Anatolian languages, and will be able to independently interpret and contextualise scientific literature on this topic.


Time and date on which the course is offered or a link to the website.

Mode of instruction

2-hour weekly seminar

Assessment method

Oral presentation at the end of the course. MA students will be required to complete additional assignments.



Reading list

Reader (available from the lecturer)


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