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MCB Student Assistantship


Admission requirements

Successfully finished the courses Fundamentals of MCB and Orientation on MCB research, and established a concept MCB MSc program signed by the MCB coordinator.

Contact information

A.J.G. Regensburg-Tuïnk, Email:


The MSc student will assist BSc courses indicated under “Timetable” by organizing practical and theoretical course material, by coaching BSc students during practicals, and by giving lectures.

Learning goals

The MSc student will learn how to coach BSc students and teach at BSc level

Course objectives:
To obtain hands on experience in teaching.

Final qualifications:
An MSc student with registered experience in teaching at BSc level.


Basispracticum 1: Teacher A.J.G. Regensburg-Tuïnk, September – October, 8 EC
Basispracticum 2: Teacher A.J.G. Regensburg-Tuïnk, October – December, 8 EC

Mode of instruction

Before the start of each course the assistants are expected to read and understand the course manual and the corresponding theoretical book(s). Furthermore, they will be introduced into how to coach and teach BSc students.

Assessment method

Assessment will be based on the quality of the coaching and on the lectures.



Reading list



For assistantship prior approval of the study advisor is needed.

Registration via Usis and A.J.G. Regensburg-Tuïnk, Email:


Prior approval of the study advisor is needed. The rules for assistantship will be published on Blackboard in “Teaching program Biology”.