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Other MCB courses


Admission requirements

Succesfully finished the courses Fundamentals of MCB and Orientation on MCB research, and established a concept MCB MSc programme signed by the Board of Examiners. For admission requirements for the specific courses, please look at the course description of that course.


Courses organized by other MSc specialisations in the Faculty of Sciences or in the LUMC that are open to MCB students and have been approved by the Board of Examiners:


  • Biophysics of proteins and protein interactions (level 500, 6 EC)

  • In vivo biomol. interactions underlying diseases (level 500, 6 EC)

  • Advanced Life Cell Imaging (level 500, 6 EC)

  • Xenobiotics (level 500, 6 EC)

  • Applied Computational Mol.Biol. (bioinformatics) (level 500, 6 EC)

  • Genome organization & maint. in cancer and aging (level 500, 6 EC)


  • BFW Masters: Atherosclerosis (level 500, 4 EC)

  • Molecular Mechanisms of Apoptosis (Caput) (level 500, 4 EC)

  • Comput. Anal. of Metabolomics Data (Stat. Anal.) (level 500, 4 EC)

  • Modern Drug Discovery (level 500, 4 EC)


  • From genetic disease to functional genomics (level 500, 4 EC)

  • Comput. Boil. of complex disease and ageing (level 500, 4 EC)

  • From signal transduction to targeted therapy (level 500, 6 EC)

  • Stem Cells (level 500, 6 EC)


  • Mathematical Biol.: Metabolic Network Analysis (level 400, 6 EC)

  • Statistical genetics (level 500, 6 EC)


For more information about these courses, see e-guide of the MSc specialization organizing the course.