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The Anthropology of Ageing


Anthropology of ageing focuses on the human experience of ageing. During this course you will therefore be presented with various ways in which older people in different cultures deal with the ageing process. Social perspectives on this process of ageing are an important influence on this experience. As a result of the perspectives held by older people, and the wider social images that are shared by those around them, the approach towards the ageing process and the age-related diseases that are (as of yet still) intrinsic in this process is quite different. In this course we will touch upon different ways of seeing, experiencing and managing the ageing process. By taking the wider issues we touch upon in this course into account physicians, medical professionals, policy makers and others involved in the health behaviour of older people can increase their understanding of the treatment choices, retention and health perspectives of different older persons

Bachelor degree

Interview and interview analysis with older person

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