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Communication in Science-2 (CiS-2)


Admission requirements

Successful completion of Communication in Science 1.


The second year writing programme is a continuation of the foundation course: students further develop writing skills acquired in the first year. During the English course, students will develop their skills in scientific reporting and will write two new types of text, a clinical conference report and a critical summary of a scientific article. Students will also write a symposium report and scientific report. Students will visit and give feedback on a poster presentation given by third-year BSc students. There is a focus on oral communication skills; students will be trained to give a formal presentation to a large audience in Dutch and students will be supported in preparing an English-language presentation. During the annual Biomedical Sciences Symposium, organised by CIS, students will gain insight into the research profiles of the LUMC; during this symposium, Master’s students present their research results in English to all bachelor’s students.

Course objectives

After the second year, the student will:

  • have further developed rewriting skills in English;

  • have gained more experience in writing scientific texts;

  • be able to write a critical summary in English

  • be able to write a clinical conference report;

  • be familiar with the various roles of participants at a conference;

  • be able to give a formal presentation in Dutch.

Mode of instruction

The line course Communication in Science (CIS) is a form of transmodular education that is integrated with the modules. CIS is taught via lectures, work groups, self-study, video training and individual tutorials. Students build up a portfolio containing all assessments and feedback. The course makes use of the electronic learning environment Blackboard.

Assessment method

CiS applies continuous assessment; the final mark for the year is a weighted average of all individual marks for the written assignments and a formal oral presentation.

Reading list

Communiceren over Onderzoek voor Beginners, Deel 1: Schriftelijk Rapporteren; Deel 2: Presenteren, D.M. van Bijsterveld (available as PDF files on Blackboard).