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Modern Sterrenkundig Onderzoek

Vak 2012-2013


An introductory course on modern research in astronomy. The students will learn how research is carried out by astronomers at the Observatory, the career paths and daily activities of typical astronomical researchers, how we communicate our research to other scientists, and more specifically, how to prepare and give a talk to other scientific researchers. The course covers how to carry out literature searches (using ADS and astro-ph), how to read and understand scientific papers, through to preparing and presenting a talk to the rest of the class on an area of extrasolar planet research. The presentation will be videotaped and assessed.


Hoorcollege en werkgroep.


Rooster Sterrenkunde


Coruse will be taught in English.

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Contactgegevens docent: Dr. M.A. (Matthew) Kenworthy
Assistent: MSc C.M.S. (Caroline) Straatman

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