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Topics in Theoretical Physics: Introduction to Quantum Field Theory/Gravity correspondence



Basics of Quantum Field Theory: conserved charges, path integration, Feynman diagrams,
correlators in Conformal Field Theory; Rudimentary General Relativity: Einstein-Hilbert action, Einstein equations, Anti de Sitter solution;
AdS/CFT correspondence and generalizations;
AdS/CFT at finite temperature; applications to QCD and condensed matter physics.

Programme form

Lectures, independent reading and preparation of the assigned material,
in-class presentations.


Reading material assigned by the lecturer.
Suggested textbook: Peskin and Schroeder, “An Introduction to Quantum Field Theory”, Addison-Wesley, 1995.
and reviews available online at
Note: the P&S book is also used as a textbook for the Effective Field Theory and QFT courses in the spring semester.


Physics Schedule

Form of examination

The grade is given based on class participation, talk preparation and presentation.
There will be no separate exam.


Bachelor of Physics; good knowledge of classical mechanics, special relativity, E&M and quantum mechanics.

More information

Lecturer: Dr. A. Parnachev (Andrei)