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Effective Field Theory



This course is a brief introduction to common concepts in classical field theory used throughout theoretical physics in cosmology, elementary particle and condensed matter physics. Topics covered in
this course are: symmetries and conservation laws, spontaneous
symmetry breaking and Goldstone bosons, Solitons, Perturbation theory
and Scattering

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Lectures, tutorials


An introduction to Quantum Field Theory, M.E. Peskin and D.V. Schroeder, Harper Collins publishers 1995, ISBN 0201503972 Paperback College Press Ltd, University of Bejing: ISBN 7-5158-0359-2 (vol. 1). ### Schedule

Physics Schedule

Form of examination

4 weekly assignments counting 60% of the total grade. Final exam counting for 40% of the total grade with the condition that you must pass the exam to pass the course.


Quantum Theory

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Lecturer: Dr. K.E. Schalm (Koenraad)