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Chinese Ethnic Minorities: Histories and Cultures


Admission requirements


This course explores the diversities of Chinese ethnic minorities (nationalities) from a historical and cultural perspective. On the one hand, this course provides students with basic information about the diversity of the Chinese ethnic minorities. On the other hand, this course offers a critical reading of scholarly works done on Chinese ethnic minorities in order to raise crucial research questions in theorizing in this field of study as well as acquainting oneself with the different approaches to these questions.

Topics that will be discussed are, among others: Sino-centric Representations of “Barbarians”, The making of Ethno-histories, Hierarchy and society, Identity and politics, Tourism and modernity.

Course objectives

After this course, students are expected to be able to form their own view of what is an “ethnic minority” in a Chinese context. Students will have acquired sufficient conceptual tools to reflect upon the “imagined” and “constructed” dimensions of the histories and cultures of Chinese ethnic minorities.

Mode of instruction

  • Seminar

Assessment method

A. Participation (attendance and several written and oral assignments): 50%
B. Term paper (50%).

Compensation possible, but the term paper must minimally be awarded a 5.0.



Reading list

Will be made available through Blackboard.


N.B.: it is not possible to write a BA-Thesis with this course!