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Waste not Want not: A Future without Waste



What to do with the 3 billion tons of waste generated by the EU countries each year? The area study for this minor invites you to explore the problem, its solutions and the factors that hamper these solutions. You will be trained in scenario techniques at the start of the course, after which you will further investigate the challenge of turning waste into a valuable resource. In addition, you will go on field trips to, for instance, a waste processing plant, and you and your fellow students will take part in a debate with experts in the field. The area study will enable you to test the theories you have learned in class in practical situations.

Attainment objectives

After completing this course:
1. you will be able to describe the problems caused by waste in a national and European context;
2. you will have assembled a list of stakeholders, indicating their interests regarding waste processing;
3. you will be able to interact in a respectful manner with stakeholders and the agencies , institutions and authorities involved in waste management, and you will have held high-quality interviews with them;
4. you will be able to collaborate in an interdisciplinary team;
5. you will be able to explain the European policy on waste and its influence on the stakeholders to a committee of experts in the field.