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Political Economy of Southeast Asia


Admission requirements



This research seminar focuses on two approaches to the study of political economy in contemporary Southeast Asia, that is the nexus between political power and private economic interests on the one hand and international power relations on the other. The two approaches complement each other. Each is illustrated by specific case studies concerning respectively corruption in Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand as well as Southeast Asia’s trade and investment links with Japan, China and the United States. Students read and introduce key texts on political economy and choose a specific topic for individual research culminating in an essay of 6,000 words.

Course objectives

Students gain an understanding of the concept of political economy and an overview of the relevant literature. Training is offered in both oral and written presentation.


See here.

Mode of instruction

Research seminar.

Course Load


Assessment method

  • 1/3 performance in class.

  • 2/3 final essay.



Reading list

Selected reading assignments will be introduced in the first meeting.


via uSis.

Contact information

Email: Dr. J. Th. Lindblad.