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Inleiding in de letterkunde van Brazilië

Vak 2013-2014


Ingeschreven staan aan een Bachelor-opleiding aan de Leidse of een andere Nederlandse universiteit.


The course provides students with an introduction to the literature of Brazil through the study of a selection of texts chosen from a variety of genres. Focusing on 20th and 21st century texts, the course will explore the relationship between literature and society, mindful of the historical and cultural contexts in which the texts under examination were produced. Literature provides a fascinating entry point into issues regarding the formation of a national identity alongside issues such as gender and race.

Primary reference to literary texts used will be in English translation (Dutch translation will also be made available whenever possible), alongside the Portuguese original. Important linguistic/cultural references that might be lost in translation will be addressed by the course tutor.


An understanding of some of the fundamental connections between literature and society in modern Brazil.
Development of literary critical and analytical skills (oral and written).




  • Lecture
  • Seminar


2 essay compositions approx 700-1000 words – 50% each.
Can be written in English/Spanish or Portuguese.

Resit: essay submission.




A primary and secondary reading list will be provided to students in due course via Blackboard.


Let op: hoofdvakstudenten van de track Spaans schrijven zich in voor werkgroep 101, studenten van de track Brazilië schrijven zich in voor werkgroep 102

Studenten die willen deelnemen aan het onderwijs moeten zich daarvoor aanmelden via het Universitair Studenteninformatiesysteem (uSis). Dat geldt ook voor de deelname aan het tentamen.


Dr.S.L.A. Brandellero, tel. 071- 527 1447.