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Research in Latin America


Admission requirements


This component consists of a short, or narrowly defined diciplinary research project in a Latin American country, the aim of which is the collection of material for the Master’s thesis in the second semester. The director of the thesis decides on the location in Latin America.

Course objectives

The ability to conduct research independently in a different environment and culture. Learning to cope with a reality that does not always correspond to the theories learned. Learning to solve practical and content problems within a short timeframe.



Method of Instruction

Research in Latin America.

Assessment method

Written communications (via emails) to the individual supervisor on a regular basis during the fieldwork about the progress of the research. Presentation of a complete research report following come back in Leiden, including preliminary results. Conducting a sufficient number of interviews and collecting relevant data and material in Latin America, in order to write the Master’s thesis.


Practical information on visa, requirements and contacts in Latin America will be posted on Blackboard

Readling list

Depending on the student’s research, in addition to the literature collected on location.

Contact information

Prof.dr. P. Silva , tel. + 31 71 527 5496
Prof.dr. L. Rodríguez , tel. +31 71 527 2065


Register via uSis.


The research training takes place in the period between 15 November and 15 January. In principle, the research may take place in any Latin American country, provided said country is deemed suitable in the opininon of the supervisers for conducting research into the chosen theme.