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Histories of Southeast Asia


Admission requirements

This course is accessible for students in the HAC track.


This course is offered in the form of a literature seminar surveying the current discourse on the history of Southeast Asia. A variety of approaches is covered by discussing authoritative texts concerning the pre-modern, colonial and post-colonial periods. Particular attention is given to the historiography of nation-building in Indonesia. Students take turns in briefly introducing the texts in class and choose a specific topic for individual research resulting in an essay of about 6,000 words.

Course objectives

Participants will gain a thorough understanding of the current discourse on history in Southeast Asia and are trained in critically examining key texts. Both oral and written presentations are required.


See time tables Asian Studies.

Mode of instruction


Assessment method

  • Performance in class (1/3)

  • Final essay (2/3)



Reading list

Reading assignments will be announced at the first meeting.


Registration via uSis is obligatory.


Further information can be obtained from the lecturers: Dr. J.Thomas Lindblad and Prof.dr. David Henley.