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Reading Ancient Egyptian Inscriptions


Admission requirements

Regular MA admission requirements.


This course offers the practical tools for dealing with texts in the hieroglyphic writing system, in order to be able to critically use translations in publications. A complete identification of the different kinds of signs and an overview of the major textbooks will provide the basic knowledge to work with Egyptian textual material in a scientific way. The emphasis is on texts commonly found in monumental contexts. The course is aimed at understanding their all-important relationship to pictorial depictions and monumental structures.

Course objectives

The students will have a basic knowledge of the hieroglyphic script and the grammatical structure of the language. They will be able to read simple inscriptions and know how to perform research in order to decipher more complicated ones.


Please consult the timetable on the Classics and Ancient Civilizations website.

Mode of instruction

Lecture and tutorial.

Course load

5 ec (=140 hours), consisting of:

  • classes, 22 hours;

  • preparation for the classes and participation in the classes, 22 hours;

  • preparation tests, 25 hours;

  • reading inscriptions and reference works, preparation final exam, 71 hours.

Assessment method

Exam in week 43 covering theoretical and applied grammatical knowledge:

  • Two tests vocabulary (both 10%)

  • Final exam (80%)

Final grade for the entire course is the weighted average of the required tests as stated above; in all cases the final exam needs to be sufficient.

Re-examination: only the final exam (80% of end grade)



Reading list

Mark Collier and Bill Manley 2003, How to Read Egyptian Hieroglyphs: a Step-by-Step Guide to Teach Yourself. London: The British Museum Press, 2008.


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Contact information

Drs. Daniel Soliman
Drs. Kyra van der Moezel
Dr. R. van Walsem