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Optional Courses MA History


Students take one or two optional courses, with a total of 10 EC. All MA courses offered at level 400 or higher are applicable as ‘Optional Course’.

These include but are not limited to the courses offered by the Institute for History (subject to availability of space). If you opt to take MA-courses of other departments and universities, you will need to submit a request to the Board of Examiners of History beforehand.

It is also possible to do electives abroad or to apply for an internship instead.

Study abroad
If you wish to take optional courses and/or write your thesis abroad, take a look at the options for studying at other universities. For detailed information, contact the coordinator for studying abroad of the Faculty of Humanities, Ms.drs. M.A. Huizinga-Coolen (Europe) or the International Office, Ms. T. Rietdijk (all other options).

For more information on internships during your Research Master, check the website of the The Humanities Careers Centre. Please note that your internship should be a fulltime position for at least three months (for 10 EC, shorter is possible for less EC). Your internship will need to be supervised by a (assistant/associate) professor within the History department.

Please contact your study advisor, to make sure your plans for an internship or study abroad are feasible within your programme.

It is advisable to take these courses in the first semester of the programme, but it is possible to take them in the second semester, provided you start with your thesis in the first semester.

Please note that although the titles of both Literature Seminars differ, the content will be essentially the same. I.e. it is not allowed to take one of the two as an Optional Course.

For a list of the optional courses offered by the History department, see the Overview of Optional Courses.