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Graduate Seminar


Admission requirements

BA-Degree and/or Pre-Master.


This seminar prepares the student for the writing of the master thesis. Taking as our starting point a distinct field of scholarly and critical texts (to be determined) students shall actively ‘work’ with these texts, developing their own methods and skills of argumentation, and the ability to develop valid research questions of their own.

Course objectives

Upon completion of this course, the student will be able to:

  • Develop, together with a team of peers, a special theme issue of an (imaginary) journal entitled Film and Photographic Studies

  • Develop and present a fully annotated scholarly paper, based on state of the art research in film and photographic studies

  • Evaluate and provide constructive feedback to work-in-progress of their peers (peer-review)

  • Respond effectively to feedback provided by both peers and instructor on their written work



Mode of instruction


Course Load

  • Total course load for the course: 140 hours

  • Hours spent on attending lectures and seminars: approx. 30 hours including screenings

  • Time for studying the compulsory literature: approx. 10 hours

  • Time for completing assignments: 100 hours

Assessment method

The assignment consists of a group-project. A team of approximately 5 to 6 students will function as an editorial board in charge of issuing a special issue of a (fictional) academic journal entitled Journal of Film and Photographic Studies. The board chooses a topical prolematic (so a theme rather then an object) for this special issue. Students have different tasks in this joint project and will be graded individually according to their personal and team contribution. The group will also convene outside actual class hours. Teamwork is an important part of this course.

The final grades will be determined on the basis of individual work. The assignments will be weighed as follows: peer-reviewed journal article 70%, participation 10% and dossier 20%.


Blackboard will be used for announcements, distribution of program and literature, and peerfeedback.

Reading list

Available via Blackboard.



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