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Science Based Business Fundamentals



Science Based Business (SBB) Fundamentals is a 10-week full time course for graduate Science students who

  • wish or consider to pursue a career outside the domain of (fundamental) scientific research;

  • pursue a career in scientific research but wish to broaden their horizon e.g. having in mind later career opportunities that may require knowledge of fundamental business principles and training of managerial skills.


The course is open to all MSc students from the Faculty of Science and to MSc students in the Biomedical Sciences.
Please note: For this course, it is not possible to register via USIS. Please register through our jot form.
Please note: Early application may be useful as the courses will have a limited capacity.

Course objective

The course introduces business principles and managerial skills with a focus on their application in science-based organizations. It has been set up based on what alumni and managers of science-based organizations perceive to be most important to science students.

Course content

The programme starts with a week of introductory lectures and a business game followed by lectures, work groups and assignments in the areas of:

  • Strategic Marketing Management,

  • Financial Management,

  • Project Management,

  • Innovation.


dr. H. Jousma (programme director) and drs. G. Degenaars (programme coordinator),

Teaching method

Lectures, working groups, workshops, case discussions, assignments (both individual and team assignments), oral presentations, guest speakers.


Mandatory literature:

  • Winer, R.S.: Marketing management. 4th Edition. Pearson Prentice Hall, ISBN-13: 9780130387929.

  • Brealey R.A., Myers S.C. and A.J Marcus: Fundamentals of Corporate Finance. 7th edition, McGraw-Hill, ISBN-13: 9780071314749.

  • Additional material: readers, cases, lecture hand-outs, articles.


For each SBB Fundamentals course a separate blackboard space is created in which the students are enrolled by the course coordinator. Lecture notes, assignments, important announcements etc can be found there.


The (relative) grading of this course is based on a weighted average of the grades of various tests and assignments.


To learn to understand and work with business principles most relevant to science-based organizations and to enhance personal skills, in particular presentation, planning skills and working in teams.


This course is organized twice, starting September 2, 2013 and February 3, 2014.
The maximum number of participants for this course is 30. To ensure the possibility to participate, it is advisable to fill in the application form well in advance.


More information about Science Based Business can be found at our website