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Science Based Business Management



This course is primarily for master students of the specialization Science Based Business (SBB) that intend to do (or have done) an SBB internship (obligatory for SBB internship students that did the SBB Fundamentals course). If capacity allows, others may be admitted who have a genuine interest in these topics and minimally either some initiation or experience in business or management.


The course is held on Tuesday evenings from 19.00 to 22.00 hrs, on April 22nd, May 6th, May 20th, May 27th, June 3rd and June 10th.
There will be 6 sessions of 3 hours each: 2 specific for Organizational Science (OS) and 4 specific for Human Rescources Management (HRM).


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Course objective

To provide knowledge and skills such that students have a thorough understanding of the behavior of organizations, the behavior of individuals within organizations and the interaction between the two. This should enable students to better understand the organizational environment in which they operate (either during their SBB internship or their future jobs) and thus increase the value they create for both themselves and the organizations they work in.

Course content

**Organizational Science **(OS) focuses on the structure and culture of organizations. Which factors influence the structure of an organization and how does the structure influence the way in which managers operate within the organization? What is organizational culture, how do people learn about the organizational culture and how is it managed? Of course, organizations change over time, structures and cultures change. How do you deal with managing this change?****

**Human Resources Management **(HRM) deals how people function in a working environment, ranging from recruitment & selection, education, motivation and leadership, collaboration and teamwork, monitoring performance and outplacement. How does individual behavior influence teamwork and how do you manage these individuals who are all part of one organization?****

Preliminary list of topics

Principles of Organizational Structure
Factors influencing Organizational Structure
Organizational Culture
Managing Organizational Change
Trends in Human Resources Management
Individual Behaviour (within organizations)
Myers-Briggs personality model
Education and personal development within organizations
Assessment centres
Working in teams
Team roles
Managerial styles


Organizational Science: Joyce Rupert
Human Resource Management: Gerard de Gier
Coordinator: Grada Degenaars

Teaching method

Lectures, case discussions and assignments will provide insights in the behaviour of organizations, the behaviour of individuals and the interaction between the two.


Assignments and online tests via blackboard


To enroll in this course in 2014, please fill in our jotform
To enroll for this topic in 2015, please indicate your interest by filling in out jotform for 2014-2015