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Research Based Business foundation courses


Course content

There are six courses on Research Based Business (RBB):

  • Three 5 ects evening courses: RBB Opportunities, RBB Planning and RBB Ventures (formerly known as Orientation on Technopreneurship)

  • Principles of RBB, a 15 ects integrated programme of the above three RBB evening courses.

  • Two 3 ects evening courses on Technology Transfer and Business Development

1) RBB Opportunities (RBBO) has a focus on understanding how to recognize and assess entrepreneurial business opportunities for research- and technology-based business.
2) RBB Planning (RBBP) has an experiential, inside-out approach, focusing on business planning as a basis for starting a new, science-based company;
3) RBB Ventures (RBBV) has a more conceptual, outside-in approach, exploring entrepreneurship and the process of new venture creation by studying cases illustrating the entrepreneurial process form various angles.

These three courses, with a course load of 5 ECTS each, can be followed together as well as independently from each other. The course sessions are in the evening. All courses have one or more team assignments. The courses are intended for Master students (as an elective or as part of the SBB Specialisation), Ph.D. students, post-docs and others motivated for creating and working in research-based business.

4) Principles of RBB provides an integrated programme of the three RBB courses mentioned above, in which students learn to master knowledge and skills relating to the commercialisation of know-how and inventions generated through research. This full-time day course of 15 ects is intended for 3rd year Bachelor students as part of the S&RBB minor.

5) RBB Technology Transfer is about how universities interface with companies for them to use the knowledge and technologies created in academic research

6) RBB (New Business Development) is about the process of creating business starting with an early stage technology and about the profession of business developments in your entrepreneurial companies.

More information on each course and the course schedules can be found on the individual pages of
RBB Opportunities
RBB Ventures
RBB Planning
RBB New Business Development and Technology Transfer
Principles of RBB

Why Research Based Business

Research Based Business (RBB) aims to lower the hurdles for students and researchers for getting involved in the process of starting high-tech ventures. The intention is to arm students and (future) researchers with the basic knowledge of how to spot, assess and exploit an entrepreneurial, research-based business opportunity. This knowledge will be valuable for those who aspire to one day start their own company or who want to become involved in the process of company creation and development as tech transfer managers, business developers, business advisors, investment managers or surrogate entrepreneurs.

More reasons why you should attend RBB and testimonials of students who already did can be found on the Science & Research Based Business website.