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MA internship Archaeology of the Caribbean and Amazonia


For the MA internship for the Caribbean section, there are various options:

  • Participation in current fieldwork projects in the Caribbean as site supervisor. Tasks include preparation of the field work campaign, supervision of excavation and laboratory work, and administrative and logistical organisation throughout the fieldwork.
    This type of internship will result in the completion of an organised archive of field and lab administration documents, which will be assessed by the field directors.

  • Conducting a study of Caribbean collection(s) (i.e., ceramics, lithics, shell, coral, faunal and botanical remains) housed at the Faculty of Archaeology. This can include various analyses, depending on the type and size of the collection. The student may combine this with their Master’s thesis research. This type of internship will result in the completion of a database and interpretative report regarding the studied collection(s).