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Arabic - Intermediate




Admission Requirements

Arabic – Beginners and Arabic – Elementary.


This is an intermediate MSA (Modern Standard Arabic) course. MSA is the common language of the 22 Arabic countries, and is widely spread in the inter-Arab media. Building on the basics students have acquired at the beginners and elementary level, this course enables them to reach a solid intermediate proficiency. It provides them with the cultural background they need if they wish to travel or to work in one of the many countries of the region. Part of the course is dedicated to ECA (Egyptian Colloquial Arabic). Building bridges with the acquired knowledge in MSA will enable students to acquire an intermediate proficiency level of ECA.

Course Objectives

  • Improving the listening skills to provide a basic access to Arabic audio-visual media

  • Low-intermediate command of conversational Arabic

  • Ability to understand relevant information in newspapers and simple texts without the help of the Dictionary

  • Write short essays on common topics

  • Familiarity with different aspects of Arabic culture and history

Mode of Instruction

The course is based on an interactive method, giving space to the student to practice and to make sure he/she is progressing in the learning process. Based on an attractive text book, with audio visual material helping the student to efficiently improve pronunciation as well as listening and fluency skills, the course requires a lot of self-teaching at home.


Assessment: In Class oral assignment (twice per semester)
Percentage: 10%
Deadline: 5 October and 30 November

Assessment: In class dictation test
Percentage: 10%
Deadline: 14 September and 9 November

Assessment: Written Exam
Percentage: 20%
Deadline: Week 8

Assessment: Final Listening exam/ Oral exam
Percentage: 30%
Deadline: Week 16

Assessment: Final Written exam
Percentage: 30%
Deadline: Week 16


Kristen Brustad, Mahmoud Al-Batal, Abbas Al-Tonsi, Al-Kitaab fii Ta’allum al-‘Arabiyya: A Textbook for Beginning Arabic, Part Two, Second Edition, 2006, Georgetown University Press.

Tim Buckwalter, Dilworth Parkinson, A Frequency Dictionary of Arabic, Core Vocabulary for Learners, 2011, Routledge.

Contact Information

Course instructor:
Course convener:

Weekly Overview

As this is a general language course, all language skills (listening, speaking, reading and writing) will be dealt with every week.

Preparation for first session