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Sprinters Portuguese 5



Sprinters Portuguese 4 or equivalent (contact tutor for guidance). This course is for third year LAS students (year 2011-2012) in the track Portuguese.


This language course aims to develop students’ confident oral and written communication skills to an advanced level, with an emphasis on writing skills of longer pieces in a variety of contexts and targets (eg. journalistic, critical essays, business) as well as oral skills mindful of issues of presentation, cultural awareness, attention to register etc. This is an interactive course in which a variety of authentic materials are used.


This course covers four key skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing. Authentic materials will be used in the development of communication skills through practical written and oral exercises (individual and group-based).
European Framework for Languages: B2




  • Lecture

  • Seminar


Written assessments: class test 20%; exam 40%.
Oral assessments: 40% of mark (2 assessments of 20% each: one mid-course, the other as end exam).

Written assessments: class test 30mins 20% of mark; final exam of 2hs, 40% (tests include linguistic exercises – eg. fill-the-gap exercises – and written comprehension or composition).
Oral assessments: 40% of mark (short presentation and question/answer session).

Resit for relevant component: written exam/oral.




Materials provided by tutor, additional suggestions:
John Whitlam, Modern Brazilian Portuguese Grammar: A Practical Guide (Routledge, 2011) +
John Whitlam, Modern Brazilian Portuguese Grammar: Workbook (Routledge, 2011) [very good practice-based grammar + accompanying workbook].

C.F.da Cunha and Lindley Cintra, Nova gramática do português contemporâneo, (Lisbon: João Sá da Costa, 1984; repr. Aveiro: Lexikon, 2008).

Mário Perini, Modern Portuguese: A Reference Grammar (Yale: Yale University Press, 2002) [Brazilian Portuguese]


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