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Organisation & Management



[BSc] PSc, En, WP

Admission Requirements



This course provides an introduction to organisation and management theory. The differences between public and private organisations will be examined and discussed with respect to the consequences for the structure and management of these different types of organisation. Topics to be discussed include organisational structures and culture, leadership, organisational legitimacy and performance improvement, the relation between organisations and their environment and quality management.

Course Objectives

  • To get the students acquainted with key concepts & core issues in the field of organisation and management in the public domain.

  • After successful completion of the course the students are able to grasp and analyze organisational problems in the real world with a critical understanding of management doctrines and organisational theories and insights.

Mode of Instruction

  • Explaining and discussing the literature

  • Individual presentations on authors and/or topics

  • Group discussions on the literature, on issues and on the problems of specific organisations

  • Assignments

  • Some guest lectures (on social movements, the ministry of Defense, development aid organisations, consultancy firms)


To be confirmed in course syllabus:

In-class participation: 20%
Individual presentation: 20%
Paper (1500 words): 20%
Final paper (3000 words): 40%


  • Hal G. Rainey: Understanding & Managing Public Organizations, 4th edition, Jossey-Bass, ISBN: 978-0-470-40292-4

  • Robert B. Denhardt: Theories of Public Organization, 6th edition, Cengage Learning, ISBN-13: 9781439086230 / ISBN-10: 1439086230

  • Michael J. Handel: The Sociology of Organizations,SAGE, ISBN: 9780761987666

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Weekly Overview

Week 1: The Rise of the Organised World
Week 2: The Publicness and Privateness of Organisations
Week 3: Classic Approaches to Organisation and Management
Week 4: Decision Making and Structure
Week 5: The Human Side of Organisations and Organisational Humanism
Week 6: Human Resources Management and Leadership in Organisations
Week 7: Recent Management Doctrines

Preparation for first session

Rainey, Chapter 1,
Denhardt, Chapter 1, and
Handel, Introduction