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Teaching assistance 2: Human Origins


Compulsory attendance


Admission requirements

Admission to the RMA-programme.


In coordination with the Human Origins staff, 2nd-year RMA-students organise the Friday afternoon (3-5 pm) Human Origins Discussion Meetings. These meetings run through blocks 1-4, in principle once every 2 weeks.
The RMA-students assist the Human Origins staff in selecting the topics to be discussed and the speakers to be invited, uploading relevant papers to the Blackboard module, introducing topics and speakers and chair the discussions, and coaching the students.
Giving (written) feedback on student assignments and presentations may take place within the courses Palaeolithic Europe: An Introduction and Archaeology of the Late Neanderthals and First Modern Humans in Western Europe.

Course objectives

  • Ability to set up a seminar;

  • Knowledge of editing papers;

  • Experience in coaching students in cooperation with staff;

  • Ability to assess the quality of papers according to a prescribed protocol;

  • Ability to formulate discussion points.

Mode of instruction

Supervision of assistance during the discussion meetings, on the job training of capacities.

Assessment method

Quality of the overall organisation of meetings, including practical organisation, introduction to the topics and chairing of the discussion parts and giving feedback to students will be evaluated by the track leader on the basis of overall performance.


There is no need to register for this course.

Contact information

For more information about this course, please contact prof. dr. J.W.M. Roebroeks.