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Justice and Home Affairs


Admission requirements

Admission to the Master International Relations, track European Union Studies.


This course aims at analysing EU policies and initiatives in the field of Justice and Home Affairs and at understanding the processes at the basis of their development. The course will engage participants in an in-depth study of the different aspects of the “Area of Freedom, Security, and Justice” (AFSJ): JHA policy concepts, actors involved in this field, policy-making processes, cooperation mechanisms and theoretical frameworks allowing us to understand this area. The course has been designed to provide students with the necessary tools to take informed positions in academic and policy-oriented debates about the AFSJ.

Course objectives

Having successfully completed the course, students will be familiar with the main legal questions that arise in the context of the AFSJ. In terms of skills, the students will be able to find sources (judgments, secondary legislation) and to identify the important elements of these sources. The Moot Courts furthermore enables them to use their academic skills, by applying researched knowledge to specific cases and train their oral and organisational skills by pleading in groups.


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Mode of instruction

Lecture and group assignments.

Course load

Total course load: 5 EC x 28 hours = 140 hours

  • Hours spent on attending lectures and seminars: 4 hours per week x 7 weeks = 28 hours

  • Time for studying the compulsory literature: 76 hours

  • Time to write the papers (including reading / research): 36 hours

Assessment method

Class participation and paper.

Retake paper: resubmit three weeks after the grade has been issued. In order to be eligible for the retake paper, students have to have submitted the first paper and have to have failed the course.


Yes, see the site.

Reading list

To be announced.


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The Co-ordinator of Studies.